Rules of attendance

1. We do not provide services of a sexual nature - strictly without sex.

2. We do not serve persons under the age of 18.

3. We recommend to sign up for a massage in advance.

4. Mandatory visit to the shower before the massage.

5. Before visiting our establishment, we ask you not to abuse alcoholic beverages, not to take narcotic substances.

In case of failure to bring you up to relaxation in your physiological state after the expiration of time, the payment for the chosen program will not be returned. The possibility of extending the time is made for an additional fee according to the price.

6. Carefully read the prices of our services. Payment for the chosen program is carried out before the start of the massage and is paid for at least the minimum cost.

7. The residence time in the salon, in addition to the duration of the massage, is 15 minutes before the procedure and 15 minutes after the end of the massage session. If you intend to delay this time for more than 15 minutes, then from this moment the duration of the massage decreases proportionally.

8. Gentle touches to the body of the masseuse are allowed, insisting and inducing sexually abused people, as well as penetrating caress leads to the immediate termination of the program. money for the service is not refundable.

9. We do not give personal phone numbers and do not meet with you outside the cabin. Do not ask the girls for their personal number and do not leave yours. Otherwise, it threatens them with dismissal.

10. Do not offer our girls to provide you with massage programs not in the territory of our salon, and do not try to solicit their mobile number or meet in a neutral territory for a fee. For this, they risk losing their jobs with us.

11. The ethics of our salon provides for complete confidentiality.


  • Touch the face and hair of the masseuse during the massage process, as well as touch your sexual organs. Gentle touches to the body of a masseuse are allowed - the main thing is that they should not be too persistent.
  • Come with obvious signs of skin and venereal diseases. When these signs are detected, the massage session is terminated.
  • Visitors are not allowed to bring photo, video, audio equipment, condoms into the massage room.
  • Photo and video.

If all of these conditions are not observed, we are entitled to refuse you further visits to our salon.

Observance of all these rules will allow you to receive only positive emotions from visiting our salon. You will not be disappointed by the skillful hands of our adorable girls.

We hope for your mutual understanding.

Have a nice rest!

We appreciate each of our guests and welcome your regular visits..

Let's respect each other - then your visits to our salon will be only positive and give you real pleasure..

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