Comprehensive VIP programs with the participation of two girls in erotic massage

In the salon of erotic massage, life acquires new colors. This statement can be confirmed by each MONRO client. The opportunity provided by us to relax in a pleasant atmosphere in the hands of a beautiful girl simply cannot be missed. Especially when you can use the service at an affordable price and in a convenient place - in the center of Odessa.

We have one of the most beautiful women from Odessa with masseuse skills. They not only relieve tension from the muscles, but also bring visual pleasure to their divine beauty. In addition, an erotic massage in the MONRO salon is performed using combinations of oriental techniques, combinations of classical massage techniques with erotica. The result of the session is a feeling of euphoria, liberation from negativity and constraint.

Erotic massage salon services

MONRO masters work on eight massage plans, and also provide a number of additional services. Among the programs developed based on the desires of visitors, we identified six standard and two VIP categories. The latter are unique offers in Odessa. They allow you to plunge into the sea of ecstasy with almost no restrictions. But we remind that the standard rules of visiting an erotic massage salon continue to apply when they are performed.

Non-stop VIP Relax — 90 minutes of continuous relaxation in the hands of two charming girls. The cost of the program includes two supplements to choose from and a general erotic full body massage..

One hundred minutes of enjoyment — unsurpassed rest, worthy of monarchs and representatives of high society. The complex has collected all the possibilities of our masseuses. Bad thoughts will be thrown out of your head by the included bottle of good champagne.

Supplement to massage

As mentioned above, additional services are included in the VIP programs of our erotic massage salon. Starting from passionate kisses to mind-blowing notions and emotional conversations - every action of the girl is performed with sincere pleasure. At the same time, we have a great offer for each visitor: visuals will be pleased with peep and lesbian shows, kinesthetics - special massage techniques, and audials will be a gentle whisper in the ear.

Erotic massage salon - your chance to break away from reality, renew your strength and enjoy life. Allow your body to experience ecstasy without any remorse. Sign up for a session right now!

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