Massage with the end in Odessa

Massage with the end in Odessa

Massage with the end - a way to achieve a feeling of euphoria with a beautiful girl without sexual contact. It is not limited to the simple removal of muscle tension. Gentle touches, a combination of Eastern techniques and visual triggers provide a powerful orgasm, lightness in the head and body. For the sake of such a finale, it is worth visiting the MONRO massage parlor.

The key component of erotic massage with the ending is the masters themselves. Adorable girls with flawless forms and velvety skin fascinate, attracting with their sexual energy. Before their proposal to achieve relaxation is simply impossible to resist. Every touch of their skillful hands will spread a wave of desired ecstasy over your body. Do you consider yourself worthy to experience real physical pleasure? Then leave a request on the site or call.

Types of massage with the end in Odessa

Our salon offers a choice of 6 standard massage programs with the end. They differ in their techniques, the duration of the session, as well as the number of orgasms and girls performing the procedure. Each option combines the classical and erotic component, providing relaxation in all parameters. Under the erotic mean the following services:

  • whisper in the ear and visual impact - the master performs the massage completely naked;
  • sensual body massage - the girl slides her breasts, hips and abdomen over the client's body;
  • exciting add-ons - kisses, caresses, solo or lesbian shows.

It is worth noting that a massage with an ending is not cheating on your second half. Moreover, we offer to visit our salon together, thereby strengthening the relationship and revealing each other's sexuality from the new side.

Additional services

In addition to the classic massage with the ending, we have piquant extra services to any of the programs. Starting from passionate kisses all over the body to delicate stimulation of the prostate to improve potency and exciting shows - each supplement is worth the money. At the same time, none of them implies traditional sex in any form. However, erotic performances arranged by our girls, their affection and skills delight all visitors to the salon.

Professional massage with the end in Odessa - the ability to make everyday life brighter and tastier. Come to the salon MONRO, and get a real ecstasy absolutely legal!

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