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Address: Odessa, st. Panteleimonovskaya 24 Проложить маршрут

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MONRO Salon invites to erotic massage sessions around the clock and seven days a week. At any time you can immerse yourself in the luxury of voluptuous relaxation, having received maximum pleasure at an affordable price. At the same time, the procedures provided by us are also healthier. Improve blood circulation, increase potency, cheer up - our girls know a lot. Rate their skill yourself!

Among the erotic massage services available around the clock:

  • body massage from beautiful girls;
  • relaxation of all muscles;
  • bringing to orgasm without sex;
  • Eastern technicians in four hands.

MONRO serves young people from 18 years old, as well as experienced businessmen in their prime. In addition, we will gladly deliver the true pleasure of loving couples. Visitors should also remember that intimate services, the disbanding of hands, the transfer of personal contacts to masters, photo and video filming are strictly prohibited. Payment is made before providing a massage session.

Early in the morning and after work, in the middle of the work week and on Friday evening, on weekends and holidays, we look forward to seeing you at the MONRO showroom. Sign up for an erotic massage around the clock on the site - and add to your life more vivid sensations.

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